Dummy Ticket

Dummy Ticket?

Technically, Dummy Flight Tickets are hold ticket which is yet to be issued. Dummy Ticket is also known as flight reservation or flight itinerary. Flight dummy ticket comes with all details of the flight journey like departure time, travel time, arrival time, destination, origin, traveler full name, and all other details. Basically, Dummy Flight Ticket and Confirmed Flight Ticket both looks exactly the same the only difference is that the payment of confirmed air ticket has been done but payment of dummy air ticket has not been done yet and it is on hold. A dummy ticket always comes with a valid PNR (booking reference no.) which can be verified at airline website. If a ticket have a PNR which is invalid and can’t be verified at airline website that means it is fake dummy ticket.

Other than few small purposes, the main purpose of Dummy Air Ticket booking is for a visa. Most of the embassies and high commissions ask for a flight reservation while applying for a visa. You may need a Dummy Ticket for Schengen Visa, UAE (Dubai) Visa, Canada Visa, Japan Visa, UK Visa, US Visa, and for many other countries as well. Mostly one needs a dummy ticket for a visit visa only. A dummy Return flight ticket can also be used at immigration to show the proof of return.

It is the right place if you’re looking for a dummy ticket booking online. Here we will tell you how to take a dummy ticket online. Taking an online dummy air ticket is quite simple:
1. Click on the buy ticket below
2. Fill the the form completely.
3. Click on “Proceed” and pay the amount by UPI, PayPal or bank transfer.
4. Voilà! You’ll be receiving a genuine dummy ticket between 30 to 60 minutes.

Dummy Flight Ticket

$5 /Person

  • Verifiable flight reservation.
  • Maximum of 2 Flights.
  • Validity Depends on Travel Date. Generally, Valid for 1 – 2 weeks.
  • Urgent Delivery between 30 to 60 minutes.
  • $5 | ₹400
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Hotel Reservation

$3 /Person

  • Verifiable Hotel reservation.
  • Maximum of 2 Hotels with maximum duration of 30 days each.
  • Validity till few days before check-in date.
  • Urgent Delivery between 30 to 60 minutes.
  • $3 | ₹250
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Dummy Flight Ticket

$8 /Person

  • Discounted Price
  • $8 | ₹650
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Dummy Tickets FAQ

Dummy Tickets are completely legal in order to obtain a apply for a visa application.
Here dummy ticket is referred to a actual flight reservation which means flight is on hold
just payment is pending.
In order to avoid visa cancellation you must always ensure to get a genuine dummy ticket
which comes with a live verifiable PNR.

It comes with a Valid PNR which can be verified at airline website.

There are few websites who provide online generated dummy tickets without any cost but they are not real and invalid. The staff of any airline or visa embassies do not accept it. We are one of the trustworthy IATA approved travel agencies who provide dummy tickets at very reasonable prices. With the valid PNR, and good time of validity. Our dummy tickets are genuine and acceptable by embassies. You can also verify at airline websites.

We provide a very easy process to get an online dummy ticket. Click here to know the complete process.

Dummy ticket is an alternative name of flight reservation which means reserving flight seats, fares, or both. Generally, there are two types of airlines, Low-Cost-Carrier (LCC) & Normal airlines. Making a dummy ticket in a low-cost airline is not possible but, that is possible in airlines other than LCC. So other than LCC airlines can also be known as dummy ticket airlines. Some of them are: Air India, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, Air Canada, British Airways, Air France, Emirates, Etihad, KLM Royal Dutch Airline, United Airlines, Singapore Airlines, etc. Some of the LCC are: Indigo, GoAir, Air Asia, Air Arabia, etc.

The format of a ticket completely depends on the airline of your ticket. Each airline has a different format for its ticket. Click here to check the sample ticket of your each airline.

You’ll be getting a dummy ticket of any airline other than LCC. It doesn’t matter with which airlines’ dummy ticket you’re applying your visa until it has a valid PNR.

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We provide the dummy ticket with a Live PNR that can be verified at Airline websites. Likewise, our hotel bookings also come with a booking no. which can be cross-checked at the Hotel website or by mailing directly to the Hotel.

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